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Business Loan

Growth is imperative for a business. Without increasing revenue and profit, a business cannot survive in this competitive climate.

Know about Business Loans

Growth is imperative for a business. Without increasing revenue and profit, a business cannot survive in this competitive climate. Businesses require an adequate amount of capital to fund start-up expenses or pay for expansions. A business loan is borrowed capital that companies apply toward expenses they are unable to pay themselves. It could be anything, like expanding a new department or for any business projects. Whatever the case may be, lenders want to know how the business intends to use the borrowed capital, so there must be clear outline for the same. Businesses have a variety of loan options to choose from; for example, Term Loans, Fixed Asset Loans, SBA Loans.

Business Loan Benefits

Meeting the urgent needs of a growing business

Term and flexible Loans to satisfy the business requirements of your company

Attractive Interest Rates

Flexible repayments


The applicant must have a business vintage of a minimum of 2 Years
The applicant must have credit score above 650+
The applicant must have age limit 21-60 years
The applicant should not have any default of delays on existing EMIs
Verification of Business Vintage & it’s authenticity
Last 2 Year’s ITR of Applicant and Financials of Business
Balance sheet should be audited by a registered CA

Why Maxemo

  • Business based customized financial assistance
  • Guiding CIBIL score enhancement
  • Providing industry guidance for growth
  • Convenient repayment methods
  • Quick disbursal

Our Application Process

  1. Loan Application

  2. Application Processing

  3. Underwriting Process

  4. Credit decision

  5. Final quality check

  6. Bank a/c Validation

  7. Loan Funding / Disbursement

  8. Collection

Fast & Easy Application Process

Maxemo understands that keeping a business up and running is challenging. It’s hard to manage so many things happening at one place, with several sources receiving and giving out payments.

Required Documents:

Promoter's Aadhar Card
Promoter's PAN Card
Business PAN
Business address proof
GST certificate
Bank statement- Last 6 months
Audited financial statements -Latest 3 yrs
ITR with computation of taxes- 3 Yrs
GST return (3B, GST R1) -last 4 qtrs.
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