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Personal Loan

A personal loan is a type of loan that individuals can apply for to cover their personal expenses or financial needs.

Know about Personal Loan

A personal loan is a type of loan that individuals can apply for to cover their personal expenses or financial needs. These loans are typically unsecured, which means that they don't require collateral to secure the loan. Personal loans can be used for a variety of purposes, such as consolidating debt, funding home improvements, or covering unexpected expenses.

One of the main advantages of a personal loan is the flexibility it offers. Unlike other types of loans, borrowers can use the funds for any personal expenses they require. This can include medical bills, car repairs, or even a much-needed vacation. Additionally, personal loans usually come with fixed interest rates, which means that the monthly payments will remain the same and predictable throughout the loan's term. This makes it easier for borrowers to budget and plan their finances

To qualify for a personal loan, borrowers will need to meet certain requirements. Maxemo Team will require proof of income, such as pay stubs or tax returns, as well as a solid credit history. Borrowers with lower credit scores may still be able to get a personal loan, but may need to pay higher interest rates.

Overall, personal loans can be a useful tool for individuals looking to cover personal expenses or consolidate debt. With careful planning and research, borrowers can find a loan that meets their needs and helps them achieve their financial goals.

Personal Loan Benefits

Fast loan processing and approvals

Excellent customer service and updates

Minimal documentation

End to end online process


The Minimum and Maximum age should be between 21 to 60
Salaried Employees will have to provide their form 16 along with 2 years of ITR
The applicant must have credit score above 650+
Applicant must have at least one year of work experience
Applicant is timely paying his existing Emi’s

Why Maxemo

  • Business based customized financial assistance
  • Guiding CIBIL score enhancement
  • Providing industry guidance for growth
  • Convenient repayment methods
  • Quick disbursal

Our Application Process

  1. Loan Application

  2. Application Processing

  3. Underwriting Process

  4. Credit decision

  5. Final quality check

  6. Bank a/c Validation

  7. Loan Funding / Disbursement

  8. Collection

Fast & Easy Application Process

Maxemo understands that keeping a business up and running is challenging. It’s hard to manage so many things happening at one place, with several sources receiving and giving out payments.

Required Documents:

Promoter's Aadhar Card
Promoter's PAN Card
Business PAN
Business address proof
GST certificate
Bank statement- Last 6 months
Audited financial statements -Latest 3 yrs
ITR with computation of taxes- 3 Yrs
GST return (3B, GST R1) -last 4 qtrs.
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